Energy Reclaim Kit (ERK)


IP Hybrid is a split type air conditioning system. It combines tried and tested technologies into a single package. By incorporating a water tank to an existing condenser we have been able to reduce the electricity consumption of new and existing air conditioning systems. The integrated system has been manufactured & tested in a variety of climatic conditions.

Comprehensive studies have been performed in a variety of Australian cities. This system can achieve energy savings of a minimum 30% and can cut carbon emissions by more then 35%.

With the cost of energy on the rise and the carbon tax high on the governments agenda this product offers both green credentials and cost savings to business and residential consumers. It provides a point of difference for management services looking to be pro-active with regards to options that offer an alternative greener, more efficient and economical product.

After the hot water system, the conventional air conditioner is the most expensive to run. With regards to multiple dwellings the hybrid air conditioner would  derive a minimum cost saving of 30% in each individual dwelling within the overall project. It would also reduce costs in common areas.

IP Hybrid can be supplied as a complete package, consisting of the condenser, water tank together with its copper tubes and support brackets and installed by a qualified refrigeration technician.

Alternatively, if your existing condenser is out of warranty and you are looking to further reduce your electricity bill, the components can be easily retrofitted to existing systems by a qualified refrigeration technician. The installation should normally take less than three hours

IP Hybrid systems come in a range of heating & cooling capacities from 2.5kW up to 14kW, wall mounted or duct mounted. Larger systems can be provided upon request.

How to install an ERK

How an ERK works