Engineered designs associated with our products

We will meet with a client to assess their requirements and obtain a project brief. We will then proceed to design or modify the air conditioning and ventilation systems to allow for the integration of our selected product(s). We will go to the clients site and carry out a survey of HVAC systems to determine if a product will be suitable for the client. Upon completion of the survey, we will provide our client with a quote to supply, install, commission, warrant and maintain our designs and installations.


All our products come with warranties, ranging from 12 months to 5 years, depending on the product selected. Our suppliers are well established and will stand over their product should the need arise to replace a product under warranty.


We will advise our clients of the most suitable product for the application. Sometimes a client may think they need our services and we will advise them if our product is best suited for the application or not.


We make sure that our clients learn something new after dealing with us. Whether it is a simple modification to their Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning system, they learn how to operate their systems in a more energy efficient manner or we teach them of the new products emerging on the market. An educated client allows them to make a calculated and informed decision before carrying out any work on their systems.

Friendly Service

Green HVAC Solution is not about a one off sale to our customers, it is about establishing long term business relationships with our customers, based on a high level of trust, integrity and honesty. Using Green HVAC Solution means you have a single source for all your environmental management needs.


Our end goal and number one priority is to provide satisfaction to our clients. We will achieve this by supplying the correct product, provide value for money, deliver our products and our services on time, and reduce our clients energy bill as the end result.